In Anticipation…

With an unwavering insistence that everything would work out eventually, in Feburary, I booked a one way flight to Singapore with a few months to save as much as I could. I didn’t enjoy planning, it stressed me out and one of the most important things to me was the flexibility. Hence other than a bit of interrogation upon arrival at departures – and much to my mothers dismay – I was away, with very little idea of what the next few days, weeks and months may hold.

I had booked flights to the Philipines however once I arrived in Singapore I realised that it wasn’t really conducive to the route I had decided to take around Malaysia – probably to be abandoned at a later date anyway! – and that busing it would probably work out cheaper and easier, so we shall see!

I thought that I would start this blog, sort of like a diary, so that family and friends could keep up with what I am up to. Hopefully I will keep it up and that you enjoy hearing about my adventures!!


E x


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