First Stop Singapore


Finally the day had arrived! Mum and I headed off to Manchester Airport, after a few delays and a little panicking, I settled myself in departures with mac and cheese and a desperados. My perfect final English meal for a while. I was relieved on the plane to find myself in the window seat with no neighbour so I curled up with a nice glass of red and a couple of films.

Landing in Qatar was perfectly timed to allow me to catch my connection, what I was not prepared for was the 4 hour delay in the early hours of the morning. Despite this, eventually I got my flight and completed the final leg of my journey to Singapore.

Sleep deprived and sweltering in the heat, to which my poor English body was not yet accustomed I took the MRT to my hostel on the outskirts of the city. I was directed by the guy behind reception to a lovely little roadside cafe where I had my first local meal, very filling, very cheap and very spicy. I proceeded straight to bed to try and sleep off the jet lag.

The next day I took the MRT to Sentosa island with a girl from my hostel, Sophie. The island was very interesting, with universal studios, a water park, it was tourist heaven. After a few hours wandering we made our way to Marina Bay, I was overwhelmed by the size of Marina Bay Sands, and immediately googled how much it would cost to stay there (no surprise – it was about two weeks budget) and I loved the gardens by the bay, the thought of a light show later in the evening was exhilirating. We then walked towards Raffle’s hotel, home of the Singapore Sling. Apparently it was invented to look like a fruit juice so it was more acceptable for women drink alcohol in public. Thank goodness that’s not an issue anymore.. Later Sophie and I wandered through Little India for dinner before catching the MRT to the Bay watching the Garden’s light show from across the river – which meant it was a bit difficult to hear unfortunately. We then went round to catch the light show in the bay which was incredible before heading back for a couple of drinks on the roof of our hostel.

The next day I set off to the Science museum, visiting an interactive light exhibition and a very ‘black mirror-y’ exhibition about how humans are becoming robots. After a wander through the skyscrapers I arrived in china town for lunch. I headed back to the hostel to sleep off the jet lag before setting back out to watch the light show, this time lying right at the feet of the giant trees. The theme was musical theatre and it was incredible, one of the most amazing experiences I have had. I then headed to  Din Tai Fung, at the direction of Emily and had the most delicious spring rolls I have ever tasted, despite the long wait, the food was definitely worth it!

The next day I set off early to catch the bus to my next stop and my next country, Melaka.


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